Arizona Rose and the Pharaohs’ Riddles Full

OS X 10.6.6
Arizona Rose is the world's foremost treasure-hunter, and her latest adventure takes her to Egypt, where an ancient temple has been unearthed. Inscribed on its walls are mysterious glyphs - a code, of the sort only Arizona can solve! Join Arizona on an adventure that will span the globe and reveal secrets of the ancient world that no one could ever have imagined. Help her excavate five ancient sites and decipher the riddles locked inside. Along the way, your wits will be tested by 163 challenging levels of nonogram puzzles, as well as mini-games, hidden object scenes and more! Whether you're an avid Arizona fan or you're meeting her for the first time, Arizona Rose and the Pharaohs' Riddles is sure to captivate you, with its gorgeous artwork, brain-tickling gameplay and an ancient mystery you'll be itching to unravel. *** Features *** - Addictive game play - Over 170 levels - 12 awards to unlock - 5 power ups - Clever mini games and hidden object scenes! and more... *** Discover more from Anawiki Games! *** - Arizona Rose and the Pirates' Riddles - Seven Seas Solitaire - The Perfect Tree - Runes of Avalon 2 - Avalon Legends Solitaire - Dress-Up Pups *** Check out our deluxe iOS games *** - Arizona Rose and the Pirates' Riddles - Avalon Legends Solitaire HD - Seven Seas Solitaire HD - Runes of Avalon HD - The Perfect Tree - Dress-Up Pups HD You can always find an updated list at!