Arthur’s Birthday

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• Winner of a MOM'S CHOICE Gold Award • Winner of a PARENTS’ CHOICE Gold Honor Award • American PBS TV-favorite Arthur stars in this interactive story originally published by Living Books • A fun tale for children about resolving conflicts and choosing between friends • Educational Volume Discount now available Reviews: "I am excited to see these engaging interactive versions of my books available to kids everywhere once again. Thanks Wanderful!" - Marc Brown, Author of the Arthur series of books "Arthur's Birthday is an interactive storybook, adapted from the original Living Books software series. At its price, it is one of the best ways you can spend money for your child. Nearly every object on every page is interactive in some way, and each reacts to touch in a thoughtfully-designed manner. These elements come alive, interact with other on-screen elements, and interact with the story itself in a logical and appropriate way. Words are interactive, too. Readers can touch any word to hear what it sounds like. Aside from the obvious reading and word learning that can occur, we also had fun clicking different words to create completely different sentences than those actually written on the screen. And then laugh hysterically at the fun we were having. Also included are English, Spanish, and French versions, parental tips, and rich teacher resources for use in the classroom setting. This is another world-class interactive storybook from Wanderful." - Tim Leverett ©2013 Parents' Choice Arthur's Birthday is an enchanting interactive reading experience with fully animated content featuring Arthur, star of the longest running children's animated show in history. Wanderful brings every page of this heart-warming Marc Brown story to life. Arthur and Muffy are each planning their birthday parties for next Saturday afternoon. How will their friends decide which to attend? Read and play inside each of the fully animated pages, where everything comes to life for hours of delightful story fun as Arthur creates a solution that includes everyone. KEY FEATURES: • Interactive storybook in English, Spanish and French • Change language from any page in the story • 13 animated pages • Virtually every item on each page comes to life when clicked • All words are "active" for extended word play and language learning - click on any word to hear it spoken • A hidden surprise is on each page - can you find all the confetti? • Two story modes: "Read to Me" and the fully interactive "Let Me Play" • Multiple settings further customize the App for your child's reading experience • Parental tips help you get the most out of this Wanderful interactive storybook • Teacher resources include a 32 page overview of Wanderful interactive storybooks Classroom Activities and the full 61 page Arthur's Birthday Classroom Activities guide (English) Wanderful's goal is to help children discover a lasting love of language through story exploration. We hope Arthur's Birthday provides your family, children and students with hours of delightful reading and story play. Arthur's Birthday is written by Marc Brown. Over 65 Million Arthur books are in print and the Arthur TV show is the longest running children's animated show in history. Privacy Disclosure Wanderful creates engaging interactive storybooks for children that are educational, fun, and above all safe and appropriate. This app: • does not collect any information • does not contain ads • does not contain in-app purchases, but has links to other Wanderful Apps • includes active links to websites or social networks, but ONLY from the PARENTS and TEACHERS pages, not from the storybook pages