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Improve your writing this school year, and get the newly released Artiquill editor -- now available at a temporarily discounted price! Let's face it... most writing apps suck. But Artiquill isn't most apps... Artiquill combines a simplistic, distraction free editing experience, with a powerful toolbox of features designed to help you improve your writing quality, and reach your deadline faster. Current Features: * Focus Mode - Concentrate on your writing, and worry about formatting later. * Writing Toolbox - Spice up your writing with context suitable transitions. * Instant Thesaurus - Find synonyms without ever losing focus. * Natural Speech Engine - Improve your writing quality with NLP powered corrections. Catch spelling and grammar mistakes, passive voice usage, cliches, incorrect use of diacritics, contractions and indefinite articles, and more. * Citation Management - Never leave the app with built-in citation management, organization, insert, and export features. Supports APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard styles. * Time Management & Statistics - Track your writing progress, paragraph count, average sentence length, and word goal to guarantee that you stay in style and on time. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Artiquill has been under development for several months and will continue to receive incredibly useful, writer-oriented feature updates. If you have any feedback, suggestions or requests, please email We want to hear your thoughts!