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Streamline your music business. Manage multiple schedules, events and tour logistics. Automate ticket requests and guest lists. Track, analyze and report finances. Connect unlimited team members and data with just one tool. Anytime, anywhere, online or offline. ----------- "Artist Growth is a game-changer for the industry." - Jake LaGrone: Tour Manager for Jason Aldean "Artist Growth makes our lives so much easier." - Ken Levitan: Co-President at Vector Management “Our productivity is now off the charts.” - Chris Thomas: Manager at C3 Management "Artist Growth is the hub for everything we do." - Trey Wilson: Tour Manager for Jon Pardi “Artist Growth is a needed tool to keep on top of everything while on the go.” - Jon Romero: Director of Digital Marketing at Vector Management ----------- Use the Artist Growth desktop app to view and manage: - Daysheets, events and schedules - Finances and deal info - Contacts and guest lists - Travel and hotel details - Production files and more! ----------- What is Artist Growth? Founded in 2012, Artist Growth provides managers, labels, agents and artists with a proven, all-in-one platform for music business and tour management. Artist Growth is headquartered in Music City, Nashville, Tennessee.