ASL Dictionary HD American Sign Language

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ASL Dictionary HD New for 2014 Our Special Edition ASL Dictionary HD now available for the Mac. *Over 5000 words translated to ASL video. Cool new features like QUIZ, PLAY ALL, ADJUSTABLE SLOW MOTION. LANGUAGE FEATURES • 5000+ Words Translated to ASL Video • 460 Multiple ways to sign the same word • 670 Multiple meaning words • Time • Money • Dates • General numbers • Ordinal numbers • Alphabet • Fingerspell Recognition (Complete words) • Fingerspelling Exercises (Fun) APP FEATURES • Quiz any category • Create a favorites list & Quiz it • Slow motion adjustable from 1-100% • Play All (plays videos back to back) • Loop video • Replay Video • Advanced Search • Categories *No internet required* NOTE: If you are a hearing person there is no audio in this app as you would not normally vocalize when signing ASL. **GUARANTEED TO WORK! If you are experiencing a problem with the app please email us at Thanks for your support!