AssetsGenerator for Xcode

OS X 10.10
AssetsGenerator -- Generate icon and launchimage assets for Xcode. AssetsGenerator is a develop tool for Xcode, You can generate icons and launchimages in same app. Just drag and drop an image, and then all size icons for Xcode will be ready. You can export generated icons to Xcode project assets directly, and save your drag all icons time. AssetsGenerator will export the sizes according to the settings of Xcode Project/Target. Otherwise, you can export all icons to any other directory. Drag and drop two images (one Logo image and one background image), and AssetsGenerator will generate all size lauchimages. The way of exporting lauchimages are same as exporting icons. Major Features - App icons: Eqaul Width and Height - Launchimages - Message Extension: Not Equal Width and Height (with 1024:768) * The alpha channel of exported Icons will be removed. If watch icon have alpha channel, binary compiled by Xcode8 will be rejected as invalid binary. Even the icon have no transparent pixel.