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AstroClock is a "live" Astrological chart wheel which is updated every minute. You'll see the Ascendant and other cusps change minute-by-minute, and the current position of the planets gradually moving. The look of the chart is customisable, and it can be sized and placed anywhere on your desktop. The system tray constantly shows the current ascending sign or whether the moon is Void of Course. • Accurate wheel • 6 House systems • Accurate lists of positions, declination and speed • Geocentric or Heliocentric positions • Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac • Aspect Lines • Time Slider to see what just happened or what's next • Void of Course Moon indicator in menu bar • Customisable look • Configure to your location • Automatic time-zone and daylight time adjustment • Menu bar rising sign icon • Windows can be any size and remember their positions • Supports Retina displays • Transiting aspects and transit-to-natal windows with custom aspects, orbs and natal charts • Logging or scanning ahead of transit aspects