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Without the Element Stones, Atlantis will perish. Your mission is to travel the five undersea domains beyond Atlantis and recover them. Employ Vessel, a loyal and formidable mechanical that is ideally suited to the task. Journey through the Reef, the Ruins, the Abyss, the Mines and the Hive in search of the Element Stones. Defend yourself against the dark mechanicals that will seek to destroy you. Battle your way through 50 levels set in 5 undersea worlds. Take Vessel on a journey through the furthest reaches of the oceans. Battle with the many mechanical enemies that will seek to defeat you. Beware traps and hidden dangers. In the reef your will encounter Mech-Sharks and Crawlers, Crushers and Pulverizers. In the Ruins you will find the Destructor Fleet with its Demolishers. The Eels of the Abyss are especially pernicious - avoid them if you can. Scorpions and Abyss-Crawlers will try to drive you into deadly Spines.