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If you use Outlook as you email client, this tool will help you quickly extract the attachments that meet a certain criteria.How many times you found yourself looking for that e-mail attachment you know you have, but can't quite locate. Or sometimes you have attachments scattered among a large number of emails and multiple folders. Opening each email separately and saving every file can be really time consuming. For these situations you can now use Attachment Extractor.With a single action you can extract all the attachments that meet your criteria, and save them to a single, or separate folders. Then it becomes very easy to quickly glance at your files and locate the one you were looking for.Make your criteria as wide or narrow as you want: The attachment extraction can be limited to specific folders, messages with a certain subject, sender, or sent date. Attachments can also be filtered by their name, type, or size.Requirements: The app talks directly to Outlook, which needs to be installed in the same Mac where Attachment Extractor is running.Attachment Extractor is a third party application and is not affiliated to Microsoft Inc. Outlook and the Outlook Logo are the trademark of Microsoft Inc.