Audio Concepts 201 – Advanced Audio Editing

OS X 10.9
Learn about the intricacies of advanced audio editing with this tutorial app! Audio guru Joe Albano is back with an Advanced Audio Editing course in our very popular Audio Concepts series. No matter what DAW you use, watch this course and really accelerate your audio editing chops! We are happy to welcome back the always informative and entertaining trainer Joe Albano for another installment in the Audio Concepts series. In this course, Joe starts off explaining a bit of the history of audio editing. This is important because much of the terminology and techniques are derived from their analog predecessors. But once that's all covered, things turn digital in a giga-hurry! Joe tosses out that rusty old razor blade and editing block and zooms right into the present with advanced digital techniques that you need to know to "advance" your audio education. And it doesn't matter what DAW you prefer, as this course is applicable to all audio software applications. You learn Beat Mapping, Time and Pitch transformations, Time-Shifting techniques and Pitch Editing. From there Joe explores the dark art of Sound Replacement before finishing up with some really amazing tutorials on Audio Repair and Forensics. So join Joe Albano in this Advance Audio Editing course and learn from his vast professional experience. There is absolutely no better audio education on the planet than the one you'll get right here... and in every course in our Audio Concepts series! • Add your own notes to individual tutorials. • View the outline and jump to any tutorial while playing video or from the Home screen. • Mark your favourite tutorials. • Take your learning experience full screen. • Hide or show the tutorial outline whenever you want. Table of Contents: 1. Advanced Digital Audio Editing (05:32) 2. The Evolution of Audio Editing (05:07) 3. MIDI-Style Editing for Digital Audio (07:58) 4. Introduction to Beat Mapping (03:48) 5. Pro Tools Beat Mapping Basics (05:10) 6. Mapping Rubato Recordings (04:09) 7. Logic Beat Mapping: "Adjust Tempo" Method (03:50) 8. Beat Mapping Track & Tap Tempo (07:12) 9. Introduction to Time & Pitch Editing (04:51) 10. Common Features (06:57) 11. Pro Tools' Elastic Audio Basics (05:55) 12. Elastic Audio in Use (07:59) 13. Warp Editing (04:51) 14. Logic's Flex TIme: Algorithms (07:08) 15. Flex Edit in Use (05:04) 16. Introduction to Pitch Editing (05:39) 17. Auto-Tune & Pro Tools' Elastic Pitch (06:32) 18. Pitch Editing Basics & Logic's Flex Pitch (06:19) 19. Creative Applications: Making Harmonies (04:00) 20. Melodyne DNA: Polyphonic Pitch Shifting (06:42) 21. Introduction to Sound Replacement (02:14) 22. Audio-to-MIDI Applications (04:43) 23. Drum Replacement: Drumagog (05:56) 24. Introduction to Audio Repair (03:09) 25. Repairing Distorted Audio with Declip (03:50) 26. Removing Excess Ambience with Dereverb (03:58) 27. Spectral Repair & Deconstruction (04:49) 28. Future Tech & Wrap-up (01:55)