Audirvana Plus

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Audirvana Plus has no equalizer, no trendy special effects, just the best sounding music.
  • Native playing of FLAC, libSndFile (WAV, AIFF, ...), ALAC and other quicktime formats (AAC, MP3, ...)
  • Direct sound path, directly to the !CoreAudio HAL for pure bit-perfect sound
  • Audio Device exclusive access mode
  • HAL I/O using DAC native physical formats "Integer Mode" (instead of CoreAudio 32-bit float)
  • Automatic sample rate switching
  • Up/Oversampling capability
  • Plays completely from memory
  • Tracks are loaded, decoded and sample rate converted in a memory more...

What's New

Version 2.3.2:
Bug fix and improvements:
  • Tracks list view smooth scrolling when using mouse wheel
  • Fix incomplete loading of last track in a list when user seeks directly to it
  • Folder Albums and SACD ISO can be set as Favorite albums
  • Other bug fixes


  • OS X 10.9 or later
  • CoreAudio-compatible DAC
  • 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)