Aurora Browser

OS X 10.11
Always keep your favorite content on top with Aurora. Aurora is a browser window that floats on top of all other windows on your system. The window opacity is adjustable, and the window can be easily collapsed into its title bar when you want to get it out of the way. Aurora is the perfect solution for staying productive while you enjoy your favorite content. View a demo here: Features: Always on Top: • Aurora will always stay on top of other windows, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content while still staying productive. Pop out Integration: • Sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, and others will automatically redirect to a pop out mode, allowing your content to cover the entire window. This behavior is configurable in Preferences. Collapse into Title Bar: • Instantly collapse the window into its title bar and pause any currently playing media with a simple global shortcut. Perfect for getting the window out of the way if you need to focus, or to keep its contents incognito from prying eyes. Ignores Interaction: • When transparent, the window ignores interactions with it, so you can continue working with the windows behind it without Aurora interfering. Spaces Control: • Allow the window to follow you across spaces or stay locked to one desktop. This behavior is configurable in Preferences. Global keyboard shortcuts: • Enable / disable transparency • Increase / decrease window opacity • Collapse window into title bar • Pause currently playing media • Skip forward and backward in currently playing media Share Extension: • You can open links in Aurora directly from Safari via the share extension ------------------------------------------------------------ Keep in touch: • Twitter: @WesleyBevins • Facebook: • Product Hunt: • Email: • Website: