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AUTO CODE ------------ It takes to much time to build your data models from JSON files, EVERY TIME YOU BUILD A PROJECT !!! Auto Code will save all that time and efforts with one click, you only need to give autoCode you JSON and every thing will be as you wish just by clicking on Generate Button ____________________________ FEATURES ---------- Auto code is a graphical tool to build classes for Swift language, it can bind these classes together and takes many steps over you. 1- Build, Edit, or import JSON Files. 2- Create DataModel Objects from JSON. 3- Create Request with its URL, parameters, Body, and header and convert it to swift function 4- Generate many helpful swift classed to support your project ------------------------ Why to Use AutoCode? * The Generated code is a result of experience from more that one senior iOS Developer, in ObjectiveC, and Swift, so having a code like that in your project will make many things easy, and you will learn from them. * Auto Code plan of growth will make programming easer with each version we release, but each time price will increase so you may want to take this change to have this application and all future updates at this low price. * You don't want to repeat the code each time, now you just need to add the new JSON files, and build, every thing will be in a moment. ------------------------- Future !! In our RoadMap we have many versions upcoming containing new and extremely useful tools, such as editing UITableViewCells, and CollectionCells that represent data models, Xib export, TestingCode Builder, and others ------------------------- We Promise you, that you will build the project in just few days .. it is amazing ------------------------- Best Wishs AutoCode Development Team AAQSoftware