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This App allows Skype users to automatically answer Skype calls from specified usernames. Uses: - Put your significant other on the autoanswer list to ensure that he or she will be the only person on to see you in your PJs! - Use AutoAnswer to remotely check your Skype camera! Features: - Add as many names as you want to the autoanswer list. - Select usernames from your buddylist (if logged into Skype), or type names in manually. - Enable or disable AutoAnswer at any time via the statusbar. - AutoAnswer will remember your settings next time you run the application. Note: Skype version 5.5 or later is required in order for AutoAnswer to work. AutoAnswer does not work with Facebook calls. Instructions: 1) Make sure Skype is running and you are logged in. 2) Launch AutoAnswer (Make sure to accept any requests for AutoAnswer to have access to Skype) 3) Go to Preference by clicking on the statusbar icon, and populate the autoanswer list by selecting or typing in the exact username you want on the list and Click "Add" 4) Once you have added all of the usernames to your autoanswer list, close the Preference window and make sure that AutoAnswer is enabled in the AutoAnswer statusbar menu. 5) You are good to go! As long as AutoAnswer is running and enabled, and Skype calls to usernames on your autoanswer list will automatically be answered!