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***** 50% OFF, Hurry now !!! AutoPrompt got featured in New Apps category in Mac App Store ***** If you are looking for an app to help you in office to build your daily worksheet and making it an effortless job, then AutoPrompt is the app for you. AutoPrompt is a simple application for Mac that sits on your Status Bar and asks you what are you up to, time to time. It gives you an intuitive interface to list down your tasks with duration. Just write down your current task whenever it prompts and you are done. Build your daily worksheet while you work. The very concept of the app lies in entering data in real time, so that, you don’t need to remember at the end of the day, what you did the whole day. AutoPrompt will save you a lot of time by simplifying the whole process. Once you get habituated with the app, you will stick to it for a really long time. This app lets you export your daily worksheet in TextEdit format and you can also email it directly from the app. Features: -Status menu bar app. -Very easy to use. -Built-in calendar to go to any date faster. -Export or print daily worksheet or share via email. -Open App at log in. -Set working hour for each day of the week individually.