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According to the Swiss Therapeutic Products Act (HMG), the AUXILIATOR may only be used by  physicians working in the Swiss health care system (HCP).   Cisplatin continues to play an important role in the treatment of patients with head and neck cancer. Not all patients, however, are able to successfully complete a therapy with platinum to the planned extent, which is important, as it is key for an extension of overall survival to receive at least a total dose cisplatin of almost 300 mg/m2.1,2 Sadly, it has so far hardly been possible to upfront identify patients in which the target dose will not be reached. Such situations are problematic from different angles. On one hand, there are no established guidelines on how patients after platinum-treatment-failure could be treated. On the other hand, such patients are subject to relatively strong chemotherapy without receiving enough benefit from the exposure.3 With this in mind, a Swiss working group consisting of the leading oncologists in this entity has developed a calculation system allowing the identification of patients with a “risk not to complete the planned therapy with cisplatin” prior to starting therapy. This calculation has been wrapped into the handy application AUXILIATOR. Please keep in mind to make the AUXILIATOR a convenient tool for a quick identification of cisplatin ineligible patients, not all risk factors of a cisplatin incompatibility are considered in the application.    If you are working in the Swiss health care sector and would like to use the AUXILIATOR for illustrative purposes, you have the possibility to easily obtain your access code within a few minutes by applying for an unlock code (identifying yourself as an HCP). To do so, please send an eMail to