AV for Illustrator CC 105 – 3D Objects

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There is an inherent excitement when taking 2D objects and making them 3 Dimensional. It’s as if you are somehow bringing them closer to real-life. In this course, master trainer Iain Anderson shares his excitement around Creating 3D objects in Illustrator CC. Iain starts off by showing you how easy it is to create a 3D solid shape by performing a Revolve with a 2D outline in 3D space. Once you’ve created the 3D shape, he shows you how intuitive it is to edit the 2D object, which automatically updates its 3D form! Fantastic! Iain then shows you the classic technique of creating extruded 3D Text... the Illustrator way. He quickly accelerates your learning into other kinds of 3D extrusions and shows you advanced methods on how to edit and map artwork onto these objects. Along the way, he shares numerous additional pro tips, packing more value into this already action-packed course. Next, Iain ventures into the area of Perspective Planes and their associated tools. He shows you how, by making full use of the Perspective tools available in Illustrator CC, you can effortlessly add attractive artwork to existing photographs… while easily maintaining one, two or more perspective points! By the end of this inspiring course, you’ll be excited by the possibilities of using all 3 dimensions to their fullest in your professional Illustrator projects. What’s more... Illustrator might just become your new favorite 3D program! Extend your Illustrator knowledge into higher dimensions by watching all of the great tutorials in our growing library of Illustrator CC courses! Table of Contents: 1. Introduction to Illustrator 3D 2 .3D Overview 3. Drawing a Path for a Revolve 4. Revolving a Shape 5. Modifying the Revolved Shape 6. Rotating the Shape 7. Mapping Art onto the 3D Shape 8. Creating Extruded Text 9. Bevels with Extrusion 10. Extruding other Objects 11. Mapping Art onto a Box (Creating Dice) 12. Rotating Text Without Extruding or Revolving 13. Introduction to Non-Standard Transforms 14. Align and Distribute Basics 15. Advanced Align and Distribution 16. Introduction to 2D Guides 17. Introduction to Perspective Tools 18. Grid Presets 19. Move Objects in Perspective 20. Modifying the Perspective Planes 21. Move 2D Symbols in Perspective 22. Recap and Conclusion