AV for Photoshop CS6 102 – Selection & Masking Techniques

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Learn Photoshop CS6 from master educator, Dan Moughamian, as he reveals all the Photoshop CS6 Selection secrets in this 37-video tips-and-tricks rich course... If you thought the marquee, lasso and magic wand tools were the only ways to make selections in Photoshop, you’ll be very surprised to learn that these tools are only the “tip of the iceberg”. Dan presents you with a wide range of creative options and techniques to help you accurately select everything from individual objects and colors to regions defined by other, more subtle selection criteria. Dan’s thorough demonstrations give you a solid foundation on which to build your Photoshop pro skill set. Another building block that Dan adds to your knowledge base is a solid grounding in Layer Masking and Alpha Channels. He shows you how to use Layer Masks to isolate and perfect your edits with surgical precision. At the same time, Dan expertly navigates through the multitude of possible options while you acquire real-world tips and tricks on how to create the most intricate selections and masks quickly and effectively. Whether you are an experienced professional or an eager enthusiast, Dan has assembled a collection of tried and true techniques to apply to your Photoshop workflow. In this tutorial, you get the full benefit of both Dan’s many years of professional photography experience combined with his extensive Photoshop knowledge. So sit back and be inspired by his deep expertise and beautiful images! Table of contents: 1. Introduction 2. Selections Defined 3. The Rectangular and Elliptical Marquee Tools 4. Selection Behavior: Moving Selection Boundaries 5. Selection Behavior: Moving Selected Pixels 6. Selection Behavior: Duplicate and Move Selected Pixe... 7. Selection Behavior: Deleting Selected Pixels 8. Selection Behavior: Inverse Selections 9. Selection Options: Anti-Alias 10. Selection Options: Fixed Ratio and Fixed Size 11. Selection Options: Tool Presets 12. Selection Options: Add, Subtract, Intersect 13. Select All and Single Column/Row Marquee Tools 14. A Quick Word on Feathering Selections 15. Freehand Selections: The Lasso Tool 16. Straight-edged Selections: The Polygonal Lasso Tool 17. Combining Straight and Curved Edges 18. Modify: Expand and Contract Selections 19. Modify: Smooth Selections 20. Modify: Border Selections 21. Boundary Selections: The Magnetic Lasso Tool 22. Fast Color Selections: The Magic Wand Tool 23. Precise Color Selections: Color Range Command 24. Color / Tone Selections: Quick Selection Tool 25. Precise Contour Selections: Pen Tool 26. Layer Masks Defined 27. Creating Layer Masks from Selections 28. Creating Layer Masks with Color Range 29. Creating Layer Masks with the Brush Tool 30. Loading Selections from a Layer Mask 31. Mask Properties: Density and Feather 32. Refine Edge / Mask Command 33. Duplicating or Moving Masks from Layer to Layer 34. Applying Masks to a Layer 35. Disabling and Deleting Layer Masks 36. Alpha Channel Overview 37. Closing