AV for Photoshop CS6 103 – Understanding Brushes, Vector Tools and Transforms

OS X 10.7
Join Photoshop instructor Dan Moughamian as he reveals the secrets of Brushes, Vector Tools and Transforms in this 41-video course on Adobe Photoshop CS6 ... If you want to know all about Brushes, Vector Tools and Transforms inside Photoshop, this tutorial will inspire you to explore and master all the options these tools provide. And if you are a graphics tablet user, Dan shows you how to easily harness their power and use them to their full advantage. Dan also demystifies the concepts behind Vector versus Raster graphics and explains the pros and cons of working with both. As you explore this section of the course, you’ll discover all kinds of tips on when and how to work with these amazing tools. Then watch as Dan deftly straightens and corrects his images using the Warp and Distort Transforms. You’ll be impressed by how these simple yet extremely powerful techniques will enhance your photos and speed up your workflow. So if you’re looking to improve your Photoshop skills and, at the same time, expand your creative palette, this tutorial by expert Dan Moughamian gives you all the information you need to know! Table of contents: 1. Introduction 2. Brush Tool Overview & Shortcuts 3. Brush Parameters: Color, Size & Hardness 4. Brush Parameters: Blend Mode 5. Brush Parameters: Opacity vs. Flow 6. Brush Parameters: Airbrush build-up 7. Brush Parameters: Pressure Sensitive Options 8. Brush Panel Overview 9. Brush Panel: Brush Tip Shape 10. Brush Panel: Shape Dynamics 11. Brush Panel: Color Dynamics 12. Brush Presets panel 13. Brush Tool Presets 14. What is a Vector Object? 15. Which Tools are Vector Tools? 16. Vector Paths vs. Vector Shapes 17. Overview: Working with Vector Shape Tools 18. Overview: Using the Pen Tool 19. Overview: Using the Freehand Pen Tool 20. Add and Delete Anchor Point Tools 21. Creating Basic Vector Text 22. Converting Shapes for the Custom Shape Tool 23. Path Selection and Direct Selection Tools 24. Vector Tool Options: Fill 25. Vector Tool Options: Stroke 26. Vector Tool Options: Dimensions 27. Vector Tool Options: Size Constraints 28. Vector Layer Alignment & Distribution 29. Vector Layer Stacking 30. Rasterizing Vector Shapes 31. What Are Transforms? 32. Scale 33. Rotate 34. Show Transform Values 35. Skew 36. Distort 37. Free Transform 38. Warp 39. Transforming Non-destructively with Smart Objects 40. Transforming Custom Shapes into Custom Brushes 41. Closing