AV for Premiere Pro CS6 103 – Advanced Editing Tools

OS X 10.9
Join industry pro Michael Wohl as he demonstrates the editing and trimming techniques that make Adobe’s Premiere Pro the go-to platform for video professionals the world over. This course starts out with a look at how to replace your source clips. Michael explains all about Match Frames, Replace Edits and nesting sequences as well as all the different combination edit techniques. Once you've assembled your rough cut, trimming your edits is all about finessing your shots to get just the right look to craft the perfect emotion for your video project. First you'll get the theory behind trimming edits and then you’ll be introduced to a compendium of advanced trimming techniques. Mastering Premiere Pro's trimming tools is guaranteed to speed up your workflow as well as improve the flow and feel of your editing. The final section of this course zooms in on some essential clip sequencing and management tips where you'll learn all about organization, rendering and using he History Panel. Michael Wohl is one of the best video editing educators in the business –so be sure to check out all of his terrific courses in our ever-expanding library of Premiere Pro titles. Table of contents: 1. Introduction 2. Match Frame 3. Replacing Source Footage 4. Replace Match Frame 5. Combining Match Frame & Replace Edit 6. Replace from Bin 7. Ganging the playheads 8. Trimming Concepts 9. Ripple Examples 10. Roll Edits 11. Trimming from the Keyboard 12. Additional Trimming Shortcuts 13. Numerical Trimming 14. The Trim Window 15. The Trim Viewer 16. Dynamic Trimming 17. Multitrack and Asymmetrical Trimming 18. Creating Split Edits 19. Slipping a clip 20. Sliding a clip 21. Rearrange Clips 22. Understanding the Work Area 23. Rendering Effects 24. Adding, Deleting, and Renaming Tracks 25. The History Panel