AV for Reaper 102 – Working With Audio

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See how Reaper’s advanced audio recording and editing tools propel this powerful platform into the upper echelons of the DAW spectrum. Join Reaper evangelist Gary Hiebner in this 23-tutorial audio exploration... In this audio-centric course you’ll get the inside information on how to handle your audio needs in Reaper. Learn all about setting up your project and tracks. See how to set up the all-important signal routing matrix to get you recording audio fast! Gary also shows you how Reaper handles the simultaneous recording of multiple audio tracks and shows you all the tools and techniques you need to make them sound their best by using the powerful built-in plugins and effects. From there you’ll learn how to deploy Reaper’s advanced features like Track Folders, Ripple Edits, Time-stretching and more. One of Reaper's coolest features is its Project Media Bay where you can quickly organize and audition many aspects of your project from one simple, interactive window! Finally, master all or Reaper’s exporting options that enable you to output your productions and share them with the world! So Join Gary Hiebner and learn all about recording and editing audio inside Reaper, a truly original DAW! Table of contents: 1. Checking The Audio Setup 2. Explanation of Tracks in Reaper 3. The Routing Matrix 4. Setting Up Project Preferences 5. Metronome Settings 6. Recording Audio 7. Saving and Backups 8. Audio Editing - Part 1 9. Audio Editing - Part 2 10. Recording Multiple Tracks 11. Record Punch In and Out Options 12. Adding Plugins 13. Send Effects 14. Input FX 15. Using The Project Media Bay 16. Change Track Viewable Options 17. Setting Up Track Folders 18. Ripple Editing 19. Envelopes 20. Time-stretching Audio 21. Making Use of the Action List 22. Export Options 23. Conclusion