AV Stream for LG & Samsung TV

OS X 10.10
*** Designed for LG and Samsung TV! *** Wirelessly stream all video & music files to your LG or Samsung TV and watch them on your big TV screen! *** Just drag and drop your video or audio file into this app. No wires, configuration, or additional hardware required! Simple and easy!   This app can wirelessly stream video or music files to your TV via your home network. Just drag and drop your favorite media files into the app, and the media will appear instantly on your TV screen! It's that simple!   - KEY FEATURES -   *Cast Video & Music Files Wirelessly: Using this app, you can easily cast local videos and music. Just select the file you want to stream to your TV, and enjoy it on the big screen in no time!   *Playback Control: Use the app to play, pause, seek, and stop playback.   *Auto Device Discovery: Automatically discovers supported devices connected to the same network as your Mac. No configuration needed!   *Supported LG/Samsung TV models: Works on LG/Samsung Smart TVs manufactured in 2012 and later.   - HOW TO USE - * Your Mac and TV must be connected to the same network. After you launch the app, it will search for your TV automatically. Once connected, you can drag and drop your media files into the app to start streaming. * If video streaming doesn’t work, please check your network and restart the app. If that doesn't help, please contact us. We will reply as soon as possible.    - HELP -   * The app may take up to one minute to discover your TVs on the network. If it fails to find them or fails to play your media file, please restart your router, Mac and TVs.  * Please check what video/audio formats are supported by your TV. MP4 and MP3 formats are supported by most Smart TVs.  * To improve the quality and stability of your viewing experience, consider connecting both your Mac and TV to the router via a LAN cable. A high-speed Wi-Fi connection is acceptable, too.      Notice: SAMSUNG is a trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd in the United States or other countries. This app is not endorsed by and has no association with the company listed herein. LG is a registered trademark of LG Crop. This app is not endorsed by and has no association with the company listed herein.