Avast Passwords

OS X 10.11
Avast Passwords is a free, convenient alternative to committing all your login details to memory. (Unless you love having to memorize and re-type all your login details, that is.) Entrusted with securing the data and devices of 400 million people around the globe, Avast is here to keep malware and hackers from ruining your day. Avast Passwords makes logging in fast and easy, whilst protecting all your online accounts from hackers: ◆ Store usernames, passwords, and other login details in a safe digital vault protected with 5 layers of encryption ◆ Import data from your browser, 1password, LastPass, and Dashlane with a click. A simple, user-friendly interface makes it effortless to manage your data ◆ Sync login details across multiple devices, such as phones or tablets, for free ◆ Generate unguessable, unbreakable passwords to make your accounts invincible ◆ Write and save secret notes in the vault for secure recordkeeping ◆ Secure all your accounts with one Master Password ◆ ….All without slowing down your Mac. Avast Passwords also comes with a convenient browser extension, which can: ◆ Autofill usernames and passwords for easy logins ◆ Automatically save and store new login information ◆ Create new, unbreakable passwords instantly with our Password Generator ◆ Work on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox From the creators of trusted security solutions, Avast. ◆ Free to use Avast Passwords across unlimited devices