B-Step Sequencer

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A unique, powerful step sequencer for creating melodic loops, chord progressions, arpeggios, drum grooves and basslines. With a huge amount of features like chord programming, sequencer ratcheting, shuffle, drag'n'drop, copy and MIDI learn, you will get the best out of your synthesizers and drums to create your own unique sound. So as you are not overwhelmed by all the features B-Step comes with, an embedded manual and intelligently sorted presets are included to make sure you get up to speed as quickly as possible. More free presets are downloadable from the B-ProjectRepository and you can share your own presets there too. There is more than one way to work with B-Step. Export your work via Email and import it on to your desktop version at home or vice versa. Your synthesizers and drum machines will love B-Step! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: If you need the VST or AudioUnit version of B-Step Sequencer, please check our Webpage: http://b-step.monoplugs.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------- DESIGNED FOR CREATING: - Melodies - Arpeggios - Basslines - Chord progressions - Experimental parts - Drum grooves THE USER INTERFACE: - Full multi-touch support - Clean, free customizable style - Embedded user manual - Create your own colour themes SEQUENCER FEATURES: - Up to 4 independent sequencers in one - Shuffle / swing - Sequencer ratcheting / step repeats - Monophonic and polyphonic playback modes - Pattern auto chaining - Reverse playback - Measurements from 1/16th to more than 4/4th - Step probability - Partial bar replays - Send control and program changes at each step - 5x6 chords per project - Define random chords from 12 scales - 16-steps * 4-tracks * 16 pattern - Skip, mute and other functions SPECIAL HANDLING: - Drag'n'drop copy for bars and step columns - Multi drag: Copy the state of one slider or button to all of its siblings - Bar snapshots: Copy and past on the fly from/to an advanced clipboard MIDI SPECIFICATION: - MIDI clock master (up to 400 BPM) - Syncable to other MIDI masters - 5x MIDI OUT to control up to 5 hardware or software synthesizers (4x independent) - 1x MIDI IN for sync to another master - MIDI thru - MIDI clock/sync thru - 1x IN & OUT for MIDI controller (for MIDI learn) - 2x IN & OUT for Novation Launchpad - Auto restore MIDI connections MIDI CONTROLLER: - Native Novation Launchpad support (for up to two Launchpads) - Advanced MIDI learn - Sends feedback to your MIDI controllers. SYSTEM FEATURES: - CoreMIDI, virtual MIDI, network MIDI PROJECT MANAGEMENT: - Auto save and load last session (project, controllers, settings) - Project notes - Import and export of your projects and other data (via mail or text) - Share your projects on the B-ProjectRepository SUPPORT: - Fast support via mail or in the forum