Baby Monitor 3G

OS X 10.10
A video and audio baby monitor for any Mac and iOS device. Hear every noise, see live video, and soothe your child remotely. It works anywhere over Wi-Fi, 3G, and LTE, and is trusted by hundreds of thousands of parents worldwide. The iOS version is available in the iOS App store. “I will never travel without it again” "The app is pure genius" "Makes watching your baby much easier" EASY TO USE The app requires two devices: either a Mac, or an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. One device stays in the child’s room, while the other one stays with you. No registration or connection adjustments are required and initial setup takes less than 30 seconds. Note: iOS version is sold separately. HEAR EVERY NOISE Thanks to a state-of-the-art baby voice booster, you will clearly hear every sound coming from child’s room. LIVE HD VIDEO ANYWHERE Baby Monitor 3G transfers live HD video from the child´s room to you over both wifi and cellular connection. To save data, you can switch to lower quality or to still photos. TALK TO YOUR BABY Simply press a button and speak. Your child will be always one click away. ACTIVITY LOG Baby Monitor 3G allows you to check, how often was your baby awake, discover its sleeping patterns and replay sounds from current or any previous monitoring. LULLABIES You can soothe your baby to sleep by playing them some calming music. Lullabies can be imported from music library or Baby Dreambox app (plays on iOS device, can be controlled from Mac). UNLIMITED REACH Baby Monitor 3G is the only app of its kind working on WiFi and 3G. Use it anywhere without worrying about a weak WiFi signal. SECURE AND RELIABLE Baby Monitor 3G alerts you in case something goes wrong (network connection problem, etc.). Communication is encrypted by industry standard SSL. WORKS THE WAY YOU WANT Do you want to watch a full screen video of your baby? Or do you want to focus on work, and at the same time know immediately if your child needs attention? The adaptable user interface of Baby Monitor 3G for Mac is easy to use and accommodate to your needs. To see how video works and find more information, go to Please send us your feedback to We love to implement new features based on your ideas!