Backup to Picasa for iPhoto

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Backup to Picasa for iPhoto takes your iPhoto / Aperture library and backs it up to Picasa Web, keeping your structure intact (iphoto event is a Picasa album). Start saving in 10 seconds! 1. Authorize your Picasa account 2. Point to your iphoto/Aperture Library (iphoto version 9.x or above) 3. Start the transfer ... and read the F.A.Q located in the About menu :) List of In-App purchases options 1. Advanced Features - Export Tags/Keywords - Exporter Geo-loc information - Add Modified Media Title as Description - Seamless Hi-Resolution RAW to Jpg conversion - Mass delete of content 2. Version Management / Exclusions - Transfer original or modified versions of pics - Option to not include hidden media - Option to not upload RAW type files - Option to not upload videos longer than 30mn - Option to convert videos for max. compatibility