Backups for iMovie

OS X 10.6
iMovie Backup Software: Protect your iMovie creations with automated timed backups. Install it before you need it! Introductory Offer: $9.99! Ever had an iMovie library corrupted so you can't even launch it? Ever gone down an editing path you didn't like and find you can't undo it? Backups for iMovie will rescue you from such situations. Based on the 5 star rated Backups for Final Cut Pro, Backups for iMovie is like Time Machine® for iMovie®! It performs timed and manual snapshots of your iMovie Libraries. “Life saver — 5 stars The fact that iMovie doesn't even have a "Save" command, makes me queasy, so "Backups for iMovie” comes to the rescue with its "GO" button, letting me save my edits whenever the urge strikes me, as well as letting me backup at scheduled intervals. Now when I edit with iMovie, I feel like I'm wearing a Kevlar life preserver in an ocean full of digital debris and corruption, ready to sink me and all my hard work.” – miggsb Rate Backups for iMovie to help make it a success. Contact support for suggestions, and improvements. What can Backups for iMovie do? • Reflecting the fast pace of video editing, Backups for iMovie creates incremental snapshots as often as every 2 minutes. The one hour backup interval of Time Machine can seem like an eternity if you lose your work. • Making labeled snapshots during your editing lets you restore to key steps in your process—finished a rough cut, finished adding titles, ready to export. A description added to a snapshot, describing why you made it is very handy! • Lets you restore everything from a given snapshot or selected libraries, events or projects. • Ignores iMovie’s sometimes very large work files. (These are automatically recreated.) • Extensive logging. You can delete old snapshots. • “Safe” snapshots. Only completed snapshots are retained. Available disk space is checked before the backup begins. • “Safe” restores. If to a local drive, replaced files are placed in the Trash—they are never deleted. • Continually adding new features. Also by MEA Mobile: AnyTime: a color coded world clock for OSX task bars. With AnyTime you can view multiple time zones on your Status Menu (Task Bar). Actual for WorkFlow Max: Record your time in WorkflowMax without having to log in to the website. Actual adds a OSX task bar control to log your time. For information about more MEA Mobile products visit