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These 233 Ballet Tuitional Videos cover all aspects of Ballet - from beginners to advanced and from young to old. Discover the different steps and moves and learn the training techniques that are required. App features: ** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes. ** Move the video around it's group and even change it's group. ** Make videos your favourites and give them your own rating ** Search by title or notes ** View by favourites or rating ** View by history the last ten played or visited videos Tutorials include: Ballet A Beautiful Strength Dance Turns Tutorial - Fouette Ballet Turns and Leg Grab Turn for Dancers Learn How To Do The Splits Video Tutorial for Gymnastics Dance Cheerleading Quick and Easy Elementary Ballet Tutorial Cheng Ballet - Adult Elementary Class 9430D - First Class Vol 2 - Preballet baby ballet class part I Learn How to Pirouette Video - Aboutcom Pirouette Class 1 - Finis Jhung Ballet At Home Practice Ballet class Tips for Childrens Ballet Classes The Best Ballet Class Size for Kids Intermediate Ballet Dancing How to Stretch before Dancing Ballet Insight Ballet Glossary - Arabesques Insight Ballet Glossary - Spotting Insight Ballet Glossary - Petit allegro Insight Ballet Glossary - Alignments Insight Ballet Glossary - Fouetts Insight Ballet Glossary - Turns in second Insight Ballet Glossary - Glissade Insight Ballet Glossary - Pirouette Insight Ballet Glossary - Pas de chat Insight Ballet Glossary - Grand allegro Insight Ballet Glossary - Entrechat Insight Ballet glossary - Pas de bourre Insight Ballet glossary - rvrence Insight Ballet glossary - relev Insight Ballet glossary - petit battement Insight Ballet glossary - bourre en couru Insight Ballet glossary - mime Insight Ballet glossary - grand battement Insight ABC of Ballet - The Fred Step Insight Ballet glossary - dvelopp Insight Ballet glossary - arms and feet Insight Ballet glossary - arm positions How to use floor patterns in dance A sharing of developed movement ideas How to develop movements from a stimulus 03 Level1 Glissade Asemble How to Do an Assemble Ballet Dance How to Do a Pas de Bourree Ballet Dance Ballet pas de chat How to do coupe turns 06 Level1 Tombe pas de bourree passe How to Do Pique Turns Ballet Dance How to Do a Grand Jete Ballet Dance How to Do Chaines Turns Ballet Dance Learn Ballet - Balance Ballet 2013 - Balance 1 BDCMoves Bris with Matthew Powell How to Do a Passe Position Ballet Dance changement de pieds grand changement de pieds un petit changement de pieds Ballet Changement with Duncan Cooper from Modas Dance - Robbie age 14 How To Learn The Ballet Chasse Fit Ballet with Leigh - Pas de cheval Practice Pas De Chat with Miss Sam Beginning Ballet Steps How to Do a Pique Ballet Movement Echapp Echappe How to Do a Glissade Ballet Dance BDCMoves BALLET Faille Assemble with Dorit Koppel Sissone simpleflv How to Do a Sissonne Ballet Dance Ballet I DVD Teaching - Pique coupe pas de bourree How to Do a Sous-Sus Ballet Dance Larry Payne Ballet SISSONE Sissone Balanc Larry Payne Ballet PAS DE BASQUE Glisse front How To Practice The Releve In Ballet How To Learn The Ballet Glissade Assembl Chass grand jete Adult Ballet Class - Pirouette Combo Ballet 101 Basic Ballet Positions for the Arms Ballet 101 How to Do the Fouette in Ballet Dancing Online Ballet Tutor Port De Bras Part 2 Online Ballet Tutor Port De Bras Part3 Ballet Basics Vol 2 - Port de Bras Ballet Basics Vol 1 - Ballet Ballet Walks with Marches Adult Ballet DVD - Track 09 Glissades Adult Ballet DVD - Track 07 First Port de Bras Online Ballet Tutor Port De Bras Part 4 Teaching Classical Ballet Port de Bras - with Ellen Davis Vladmir Malakhovs End Port de Bras Ballet Class for Adults Beginner Adagio Ballet Class McDorman Ballet Petit Allegro 1 JKO Class- Level 6 Adagio Learn Ballet at Home HD Petit Changement de piedflv Ballonn and more