Balls vs. Pixels : Break-it!

OS X 10.11
In this arcade game inspired by the famous arcade brick-breaker from the 80's, pixels replace bricks. This gives rise to a multi-color game with PixelArt on some levels. The game is easy to handle but difficult to master. You will need reflexes and concentration to reach the final boss. This brick-breaker ... uh no ... this pixel-breaker offers colorful pixel paintings that will delight the children but not only. You can play it from 7 to 77 years old, everybody has fun with Balls vs. Pixels. LEVELS - 15 colorful levels BONUS - enlarge the paddle - reduce the paddle - triple ball - free ball (extra life) - atomic ball (it blows out everything in its path) - ... GAMECENTER ENEMIES Beware of the enemies who walk on the board and protect the pixels, they can give surprising directions to your ball. ------------------ ALSO AVAILABLE ON AppleTV ------------------ FOLLOW DISCOVER SUPPORT ------------------ The game is played with the mouse or keyboard. Will you reach the final level and defeat the boss? Let's play!