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Sweeping Away your Poor HTML Clutter since 2002! Use Balthisar Tidy for Work to make sure your HTML is clean, error free, accessible, and valid. With full support for modern HTML5, Tidy HTML, and the W3C Nu Validator, Balthisar Tidy surpasses macOS's built-in, terminal version of this venerable tool. Balthisar Tidy for Work is an upgrade to Balthisar Tidy (which is absolutely 100% free). Look for it on the App Store for a free, no pressure alternative. Balthisar Tidy for Work gives you these extra features not available in Balthisar Tidy: • AppleScript support, allowing you to automate Tidy so that you can process hundreds of files in an hour (for example). • Unix configuration file exporting support and important. If you love Balthisar Tidy's settings management but prefer to leverage shell scripts, then this feature will prove essential to your workflow. • RTF Export of the Tidy text in full color. This is great for code reviews, visual aids, and producing documentation. • Precise management of editor colors and themes. Customize your text editor to work the way you want it to. • The web preview feature can show split views of your before and after Tidying code, assuring you that HTML Tidy isn't making undesired changes. And of course Balthisar Tidy for Work includes the standard features as Balthisar Tidy: • Tidy and check your documents with HTML Tidy. • Validate your document conformance with the W3C Nu HTML Checker using the built-in checker or with the official validator service. • Balthisar Tidy can tidy documents in other applications as a Service. • Balthisar Tidy can tidy documents in other applications as an Action Extension. • Full-featured text editor with instant results. • Supports every macOS file encoding. • See a live preview of the effects each Tidy option has on your code. • See a live Browser Preview of the Tidy’d code. • Identify errors and be directed to their exact location in your source code in an instant. • Correct errors in the source document immediately. • Identifies and automatically corrects several potential errors. • Automatically cleans up ugly code from HTML generator applications. • Identifies opportunities to ensure accessibility compliance. • Pretty-print formats your source code for maximum legibility. Additionally Balthisar Tidy for Work will be targeted first for internationalization and localization.