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ABSOLUTELY 100% CONFORM TO GS1 STANDARDS. Barcode Maker is the fastest way to perfect 18 different barcode standards, necessary to manage and sell products all over the planet. Amazon sellers use it to create UPC or EAN barcodes for their private label packaging, for instance. All you need to do is to enter your product code, and click ‘Process’. Your barcode is created. It has been copied into the clipboard and all you need to do is to paste it into your favorite application : Pages, Photoshop, even Preview. Any program able to manage pictures is fine. The size of digits can be selected between 10 and 30 by 1 increments. Settings are saved so on relaunch, font size and bar type are as they were when the app was closed. Save BMP, Jpeg, Png bitmapped pictures at sizes 1500x1000, up to 7500x5000, and resolutions 72 dpi up to 600 dpi. Save in resolution independent Vector format PDF or Eps to load into Illustrator, for instance, or to use in Desktop Publishing apps such as QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign. Print any kind of labels with settings for top margin, bottom margin, left margin, right margin, number of rows and columns. Barcode Maker supports the following standards : BAR 39/3 of 9 • BAR 39 EXT • INTERLEAVED 25 • CODE 11/USD-8 • CODABAR • MSI • UPC-A • IND-25 • MAT-25 • CODE 93 • EAN-13/JAN-13 • EAN-8 • UPC-E • CODE 128 • CODE 93 EXT • POSTNET • EAN-128 • ISBN-13/Bookland. Graphics can be saved to disk to use in Desktop Publishing and typesetting applications. If you need a font that can generate vectors for Bookland and EAN13, see Barcode Wizard in this store.