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Barcody Express lets you create a barcode, and export or drag into the desired application. Barcody Express exports barcodes in top quality as PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG or GIF. Barcody Express offers the following 30 barcodes: Codabar Code 11 Code 128 Code 2/5 Industrial Code 2/5 Interleaved Code 2/5 Matrix Code 39 Code 39 Full ASCII Code 93 EAN 13 EAN 18 / NVE / SSCC-18 EAN 2 EAN 5 EAN 8 EAN-Velocity GS1-128 (EAN 128) Ident Code ISBN 13 ISMN ISSN ITF-14 / SCC-14 MSI Plessey OPC PZN Route Code Telepen ASCII Telepen NUM UPC A UPC E QR Code