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2015 editions of American English dictionaries for German, Spanish, Italian and French available for in-app purchase. 100 new words, including googlare, twittare, anti-piratage, biometría, ceberlibro etc. 100 sample translations of each dictionary to preview before buying _____ The app allows you to easily and quickly navigate through and try out any of 4 American English dictionaries for German, Spanish, French and Italian languages, as well as experience the most advanced search, learning, and translation features. Now you can make sure that a dictionary complies with your language level and contains all words you need before purchase. Full-fledged versions are available for buying with the in-app dictionary catalog. 2015 editions have been updated with 100 new words per dictionary, including googlare, twittare, anti-piratage, biometría, ceberlibro etc. _____ EXPERIENCE SMART DICTIONARY ENGINE • Look up words within seconds. • The easy-to-use full-text search allows you to find examples of use and sample sentences. • Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to spell a word – the similar words or wild card search function will find what you are looking for. • You can look up key words in any form you like – declined or conjugated (for English, French, Spanish). • You can look up words when working with system applications, without having to switch to the dictionary software. The popup translation allows you to look up unfamiliar words, e.g., when reading e-mails, documents, or websites on your Mac. All you need to do is point your mouse at the unfamiliar word. • The history function enables you to retrieve words you’ve already looked up, with just one click. LEARN LANGUAGES WITH BARRON’S • Pronunciation: you can listen to a wide variety of key words, recorded by native speakers (available only for full version). • Lists of irregular verbs (available for German and English) • You can create and search your personal favorites. ENJOY THE MOST COMFORTABLE WORK • Fast access to the virtual keyboard. • Automatic detection of translation direction no matter whether you type the word in the source or the target language. • Font size Available for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and higher. _____ About Barron’s: With more than 2,000 titles in print, Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. is world-renowned as a publisher of study guides and educational resources for students of all ages. Barron’s Foreign Language Guides cover a multitude of languages from American Sign Language to Turkish, and provide language learners with a wide range of tools, including books, audio products, and online resources. Whether you’re learning a language at home, in the classroom, or looking for help when travelling abroad, Barron’s provides the solutions to all your language needs. Founded in 1941, Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. is a privately owned corporation located in Hauppauge, New York.