Batch Photos Rename

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How to manage tons of photos? Want to quickly check when photos were taken? Unfortunately, photo file names are something like: IMG_0436.jpg, IMG_0437.jpg. And you can't know the exact time when photos were taken from these file names. Batch Photo Rename can help you. Batch Photo Rename automatically batch rename your photos based on time when photos were taken. The new photo file names are something like: 2015-12-27(11-15-17).jpg, 2016-01-13(14-14-47).jpg etc. Just a look, you'll know the exact time ( Year-Month-Day-Hour-Minute-Second ) when photos were taken. Besides,you can auto add remarks on file names. For example, add remarks: Holiday, then the file name will be Holiday2016-01-13(14-14-47).jpg etc.