Batch Uploader for Youtube

OS X 10.6.6
Batch uploads your videos and movies to YouTube on Mac. Drop them in and enjoy! The reason that most people need this batch uploader thing is that we want to upload many videos at once. We don't want our uploading job interrupted or going to failure due to the following reasons: --Internet connection lost. --Internet connection turned off accidentally. --Forget to change the Energy Saver in System Preference. Mac slept. --App Quit. --App crashed. ...... Every upload takes a long time. Every single failure wastes a lot of time. So we recoded Batch Uploader to adapt YouTube API 3.0 and and add some exciting new features to make it a real batch uploader for YouTube. With new Batch Uploader, all upload tasks will resume the broken uploads from exactly the breaking point of video automatically when your connection is available or you relaunch Batch Uploader. You don't need to restart the tasks from the beginning. That saves you a lot of time.Meanwhile, we fixed the bugs of upload failure or fake uploads. New Features: --YouTube API 3.0, the most updated YouTube API for Mac. --Add Unlisted to Privacy setting. --Automatic resume broken uploads no matter you quit the app, or app crash, or network lost. --Prevent Mac from idle sleep. That keeps your uploading going forever till it's perfectly done. --Add percentage to to make sure you know the upload status of huge mov. --Add upload status of Not Uploaded, Uploading, Waiting, Paused, Success, Failed. (If the fail reason is network lost, then it'll resume automatically when network reachable) --Support 5 videos upload simultaneously. One of the video finished uploading, the next video will start uploading automatically. --Get all available metadata from video and write it to Description. --More video formats can be uploaded to YouTube. Note: Pure audio files are not supported by YouTube, for example mp3, AIFF or other audio files. Previous Features: —Drag and drop support. —You can change Youtube Account. —Get Title from video file name, and can be revised. —You can set Title, Description, Keywords and Tags, Private for each video —Uploading Progress bar. —After upload, Youtube link generated automatically. We're trying to add thumbnail and category support in the future updates. We promised to keep Batch Uploader updated, but it's based on YouTube service and internet connections, there are unexpected situations we never been to. So, when things going wrong with Batch Uploader, or you want new features, please send email to, before you leave a negative review. Thank you so much!