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Batch rename your files into new structure, works for ANY file and / or suffix / prefix! Being one of dragonBTV's batch series, batchRENAMING can copy and rename whole folder of your files in seconds. As a batch processing App, batchRENAMING paid more attention on original files's security and app's execute efficiency. All prefix, begin number and suffix input are illegal character protected. Instead of direct renaming, renamed files will be copied to a destination folder you choice. Besides of these, you may also use batchRENAMING to batch copy, rename and separate files to different folders according to their suffix. features: v1.12 - copy instead of direct rename protecting your original collection; - fully protection of illegal file name character input while you selecting new filenames; - automatic overwrite protection at anytime, instead of pop out confirming alert, it add suffix for you automatically; - beep after each file processed; - handle ANY kind of file; - easily copy to different folder according to file's suffix; v1.12 -> v1.20 - add option to accept freely suffix change - app's dock menu updated - more compact interface v1.20 -> v1.30 - add option of user selectable increment - change interface background color to white - more detailed technical support email templet - more detailed feature request email templet - updated more by dragonBTV panel v1.30 -> v1.50 - fully re-coded Sandbox ARC version for macOS Sierra 10.12 - updated to macOS Sierra 10.12 and still compatible to OS10.7 and above - interface adjusted - all deprecated function are replaced - all file operation are changed to Sandbox compatible - app menu rearranged - color of icon changed - change color of all popup alerts into white - alert for destination folder selection modified with detailed explaining - option "beep after each file" deleted for faster conversion - More apps by dragonBTV is simplified by displaying in App Store directly v1.50 -> v1.51 - performance improvements for macOS 10.13 High Sierra v1.51 -> v1.52 - performance improved: force sort in mode of "sorting like in finder" before renaming tips: please carefully select the option of "also change the suffix of the file into what displayed", it's designed for the situation of "jpg / jpeg" and "tif / tiff" and some special suffix. For picture format convert, please give a try of my "batchCONVERTER" - Attention to user feedback:"destination folder first" procedure give your original files fully protection! see app features...