Battle Group 2

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Your battleships are ready with the return of Battle Group, the evolution of missile command and the best naval combat game on mobile. Command the war on pirates with brand new Satellite Strikes and upgrades for your state-of-the-art battleships. As the commanding gunner of this advanced armada, it's imperative you stop the foe this world has yet to fathom. Find the trailer and more at: =FEATURES= - 30 level campaign with bosses - Eight playable and realistic ships - New abilities to launch from ships - Satellite Strikes of destruction - All Retina graphics - Professional voice over and soundtrack - Game Centre support for leaderboards and achievements Set in the near future, a force that calls itself ‘The Talon’ seeks revenge for an unknown crime, stealing the latest military equipment and spreading destruction throughout the world. You are the last Battle Group tasked to stop the Talon and whatever fight they bring your way. “Battle Group 2 delivers” - EnemySlime “can heartily recommend it to anyone looking for an action packed, naval themed experience” - GameRamble Have an issue or want more? Let us know at