Battlefield Cribbage

OS X 10.10
Battlefield Cribbage (BFC) is an evolution of cribbage that preserves the purity of the game while requiring elevated levels of strategy and skill. Cards are played openly and players are like generals giving orders on a battlefield. Unlike cribbage where your hand can be greatly influenced by the luck of the cards, victory comes to those who can implement strategies. BFC requires the strategy of chess and provides the fast-paced thrill of cribbage. After playing a few games of BFC, you will feel the satisfaction of a new classic. BFC is cribbage taken to a whole new level. From Shane Murphy, the Inventor of Battlefield Cribbage: The origin of BFC began shortly after I was taught by a relative to play the card game "Golf." Golf is an open-faced game where your opponents see your cards. During the same time I played Cribbage with friends at work during lunch almost every day. I wondered if there were a way to play Cribbage as an open-faced game. I quickly devise a set of rules and I took the game to my cribbage lunch partners. The first game was rough and I tweaked the rules a bit, but then we realized the game was awesome! It was less dependent on luck and more reliant on strategies. As an open-face game you need to think about moves ahead like chess and we also found sometimes you need to play the people rather than the cards like poker. Understanding probabilities and risk were a must. We found ourselves talking about the games hours after we were done. At first I thought it would be just a fad, but we found ourselves developing complex strategies and anxiously awaiting the next game. The game became more interesting every day we played and my cribbage partners and I were hooked. The reason I named it "Battlefield Cribbage" is because you can see everyone's cards, like a Civil War General in an open field. I truly believe that BFC is the evolution of the great game of Cribbage. Features: - Game types include two, three, or four man games. You can also play four man game using teams. - Players can be human (HU) or artificial intelligence (AI) players. - Games can be saved and comments can be added to the game. Check out for saved games with comments that will help you become a champion BFC player. - A comprehensive set of game rules is included and a strategy guide to help you sharpen your game play and make you an expert BFC player. - BFC also has full screen support.