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BattleStones is an app version of my board game Batalo™, which was selected by GAMES Magazine as one of the 100 best board games in 1992 and 1993. You win by getting one of your pieces onto your opponent's base. Pieces move by hopping over their own team pieces or by sliding. Only columns can capture. I've programmed a simple "robot" to help you learn the game—play against friends and family for more of a challenge. Unlock advanced features like color overlays that show all possible piece moves at once, undo for moves, and piece setup—by playing and winning games against the robot. The Mac version has zoom, rotate, tilt, and pan viewing controls for the board: hold the right mouse button or use Z, X, Q, E, R, F, W, A, S, D keys. Window can be resized while playing or made fullscreen. Kid-friendly and casually challenging. Games usually average fifteen minutes. No in-app purchases or advertising. Runs in OSX 10.7 (Lion) and newer. Also available for iPad and iPhone.