Beagle – Menubar Date & Time

OS X 10.12
Beagle is a useful utility for macOS that allows you to use colorful dates and times in the Menu bar You can set the displayed date and day of the week to English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, regardless of the local language set in macOS. Website - Beagle features. 1. Support popup window that can check simple calendar and analog time when clicking date time displayed on menu bar. 2. 12 or 24 hour support. 3. Support display of seconds. 4. Support to show or hide the date and day of the week. 5. Supports setting of displayed date, day of the week in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean regardless of local language. 6. Supports setting the background color of date, day, and time. 7. Supports pattern fill effects for dates, days, and times. 8. Support animation transition effect in 1-minute increments