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★★★50% LAUNCH SALE★★★ Congratulations! You have found the smartest and most beautiful iTunes player! With Beatmaster you can control your whole iTunes library and play songs, set ratings or control the volume with one click. Beatmaster is the first miniplayer with a gorgeous design, big controls and an intuitive interface. Just access Beatmaster everywhere and in every space directly from the status bar. Control the playback and see what you are hearing currently - without switching to iTunes. Smartest Miniplayer ✓ Displays current song in status menu ✓ Directly access your music - No need to switch to iTunes ✓ Control your iTunes library directly from Beatmaster ✓ See title, artist, album, rating and the cover ✓ Control playback: Jump back and forward, play, pause and set the volume ✓ Switch to the mini mode: Great on smaller screens. ✓ Jump to particular parts of tracks directly. Take a look at the screenshots to get an overview!