Beer Shooter

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☛☛☛New SUPER ADDICTIVE PHYSIC game is here for you! ☚☚☚ Game is TOTTALY WORTH TO DOWNLOAD ASAP with its features!!!!! Main Features: ✔ Cool graphic and sound design! ✔ Interesting and addictive levels ✔ Unique and realistic physic engine ever! ✔ Different objects to unlock and shoot with! ✔ Rising bonus percent by completing different objectives! ✔ Wallpapers to unlock for you device! ✔ Entertaining explosions and much more!!! Download Beer Shooter, engage yourself to break beer glasses and enjoy crashes with high quality visual and sound effects! Break as many glasses as you can with different objects which you have to unlock such are: stone ball, brick, skull and even toilet seat :). Find out various types of pyramids and piles and raze of the ground everything on your rear-sight! By crashing moving targets you’ll feel satisfaction with your sniper skills and astonishment of family members and friends. YES!! YOU ARE A REAL SNIPER!!! ☀☀☀Absolutely MUST HAVE GAME for your games collection☀☀☀ GET BEER SHOOTER NOW - amazing 3D physic game.