Beginning Sounds On-Track

OS X 10.6.6
Develop essential preschool skills! Recognizing sounds and associating them with words and objects are the first steps to reading. Beginning Sounds On-Track makes the journey an action-packed adventure. Young learners get immediate feedback. A star means “great job!” A check mark? Oops, click again for another try. Footprints at the bottom of the screen track your child’s progress: Green for correct answers and red for “take another look.” Children will delight at unexpected animations. Or they can take a break—and get rewarded for right answers--with a variety of games that motivate learning and increase eye-hand coordination. Fun Features & Big Benefits • Easy instructions • Continuous action • Instant grading • Progress tracking • Animations with sound effects • Games for reward • Printable exercises and a certificate • Interactive whiteboard-friendly Skills: beginning sounds; letter recognition; letter-sound association; matching sounds; listening; following directions; problem solving; eye-hand coordination