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Why do top bridge players play the correct finesse, or avoid the finesse even though the odds say that a finesse has the most chance of success? How do they know an opponent has a singleton king? It seems like they can see the opponents' cards, or read their minds! Nothing could be further from the truth! By logically analyzing all of the available information from the bidding and playing of the cards, the correct way to play a hand presents itself. The hands in this app do not contain complicated distributions or complex squeeze situations. On the contrary. With help from questions Marty asks, thinking logically and reasoning correctly will become second nature. You will reap the rewards at the bridge table and have your opponents asking how you knew the queen was a singleton or that the suit split 4-0. This app contains 57 hands where you are declarer. All of the hands have expert comments from Marty Bergen. The program does not need an internet connection. About Marty Bergen Marty is a U.S. bridge teacher/player/author. He is a ten-time national champion and ACBL Grand Life Master and World Bridge Federation World International Master. He retired from active competition in 1993 to concentrate on teaching and writing. He was recently voted to be the 22 most influential person in the history of bridge. Marty has been a columnist in the monthly ACBL Bridge Bulletin since 1976. He has also written 69 bridge books; two of which won the ABTA Bridge Book of the Year award. Points Schmoints!: Bergen's Winning Bridge Secrets in 1996 and Declarer Play the Bergen Way in 2005. Wins - North American Bridge Championships (10) - Pan-American Maccabi Games (1) - Cavendish Invitational Teams (1) - Cavendish Invitational Pairs (2) - Goldman Pairs (1) Second-place finishes - North American Bridge Championships (10) - United States Bridge Championships (1) - Cavendish Invitational Teams (1)