Better Ears – Music & Ear Training

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»Better Ears« is an educational music and ear training program, which helps you grow your musical skills and enhance your hearing capabilities. There are 13 different exercises included, starting from interval recognition all the way to chord progressions - perfect for beginners and music-masters alike! YOU DECIDE HOW TO TRAIN! With »Better Ears« you can decide for yourself what your training routine should look like. There are no rules you have to follow, you decide when to start and how often to practice. 13 DIFFERENT EXERCISES INCLUDED »Better Ears« includes 13 different exercises: • Interval recognition • Scale recognition • Chord recognition • Chord progressions • Pitch recognition • Melodic dictation • Tempo recognition • Key Signature recognition • Music reading • Interval music reading • Scale music reading • Chord music reading • Melody music reading CUSTOM CHORDS, SCALES AND CHORD PROGRESSIONS The new editor for Chords, Scales and Chord Progressions allows you to add your own items. MORE THAN 100 DIFFERENT INSTRUMENTS Choose your training sound from more than 100 different instruments, either using the integrated »Better Ears« sound generator or Apples native DLS SoftSynth. KEYBOARD AND FRETBOARD »Better Ears« comes with a virtual keyboard and virtual guitar fretboard. You can key notes on either. ANSWER WITH YOUR VOCALS OR WITH A REAL INSTRUMENT The integrated pitch detection allows you to answer the questions with your voice or a real instrument (e.g. piano or guitar). Simply play the individual tones on your instrument or sing them when the microphone button lights red. FOUR PRESET LEVELS »Better Ears« ships with four preset levels: • Beginner • Easy • Normal • Professional UNLIMITED CUSTOM LEVELS Additionally you can create your own levels, letting you train to your own specific needs. Put yourself in "Training Camp" to learn church modes, or concentrate on those two pesky intervals that constantly cause you problems. SYNC ALL OF YOUR DEVICES With »Better Ears« you can keep your Mac and your iOS devices in sync. You can choose what to sync: Your own levels, your statistics, your settings or all of this. MIDI SUPPORT »Better Ears« supports routing sound through an external MIDI device, allowing you to use your existing MIDI master keyboard or sound module. You can even control »Better Ears« using a connected keyboard. STATISTICS For every exercise »Better Ears« knows all your current stats, including how often you have answered each question correctly or incorrectly. WIKIPEDIA INTEGRATION »Better Ears« shows the relevant Wikipedia article for the current exercise. If a relevant article is not available online, another topically-appropriate article will be shown instead.