Better Passwords

OS X 10.8
Better Passwords is the password generator you have been looking for. Completely customizable and highly flexible. Generate long, complex but still pronounceable passwords which are therefor easy to remember. Or go crazy and generate absurdly long complex passwords. Sky is the limit! Also available on iOS: Features - pronounceable passwords - define custom password patterns consisting of character groups - define the character groups The screenshots should show you everything you need to know about why you want to buy "Better Passwords"! ;) Basically you just write a password pattern consisting of character groups (and/or fixed characters) and Better Passwords uses that pattern to generate passwords. This way you can easily ensure that a password remains pronounceable - just throw a couple of vowels in the password pattern and you will see that you can pronounce most of the generated passwords. Edit the pre-defined character groups to your liking. The letter 'y' for example is not in the character group "vowels" and maybe you would like it to be. You can easily add it to the "vowels" group and remove it from the "consonants" group and generate more passwords with the updated character groups. It's that easy. In the pattern editor you can customize the way your passwords look - the normal keyboard can be used to insert fixed characters (those will appear with a normal font) and the extra keyboard buttons can be used to insert character groups (these will appear bold in the editor). Upon every change an example password is generated so you can instantly see what kind of password you can expect.