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Better Trash is designed to delete files and empty Trash better. 1. Have you ever encountered the Trash can't empty? Force Empty Trash ---can help you to delete the locked file or in use or other case from Trash. 2. Erase some sensitive documents and photo, files, folders Secure delete---can help you to erase the selected file or folder with US DoD 7-pass standard. Support to drag & drop file or folder to application icon on dock to secure delete. 3. Empty trash automatically Auto Empty Trash ---can help you to empty trash automatically. You can select When to empty by the different time frequency . Daily, Every week, Two weeks, Monthly, Two month. Or you can set the storage limit for the trash. For example: 500MB, 1GB, 5GB, 10GB and more.... When the trash exceeds the storage limit, it automatically emptys the trash.