Bible for YouVersion

OS X 10.10
Bible for YouVersion lets you read Bible from YouVersion on your Mac easily. It has an intuitive app layout with helpful app buttons which will make Bible reading a pleasure. App highlights: • Have native app like experience on your Mac for YouVersion Bible. • Go to desktop to mobile mode with a single click. • Quickly access Bible from Status Menu bar icon. • Start reading Bible from where you left even after you close the pop view in status menu bar. • Adjust transparency of the app window. • Hide Dock icon from app preferences. • Turn on and off “Open app at log in” from app preference. • Open app with Hot Key. • Change Hot key according to your own choice. • Open multiple windows and browse more. It is the fastest and the most reliable way to read Bible from YouVersion on Mac. Download Bible for YouVersion today and read bible with comfort of using an app rather than on the website. Please let us know what do you think about the app and how we can make it better for you. You can reach us at our Facebook page. Thank you!