Bible Verses – Daily Verse

OS X 10.6.6
A Perfect way to get God’s daily word in your busy schedule. Read, Apply and Memorize!! This simple, beautiful and well-thought application will give you a new verse from the Holy Bible every day. It will also give you meaningful Bible verses, specially dedicated to improving your wisdom. Bible Verses that come under Memorize section will be small and precise which is easy to memorize. Features: - Daily Bible Verse from the Bible - Wisdom words to ponder over and apply in our lives - Memorization verse - 12 Unique Themes to choose from - Share your favorite Bible Verses via all the available social medias from the app itself. - You can also print Bible Verses easily from the app. (Press cmd+P to print). - Open app at login. - Put an app icon in the Menubar to access app quickly. Now memorizing Bible verses is so easy!! This app will be such a Blessing to you and your loved ones. So, Start your day with Bible Verse!!