Bid with Bergen (1)

OS X 10.7
“Bid with Bergen” is an innovative, instructive and convenient fun way for players of all levels to improve your bidding and partnership. It provides an opportunity to bid 150 pairs of hands with a partner and/or on your own and to get immediate expert feedback on how you did and suggestions on how you could do even better. No matter where you are or how much time you have, it is a perfect way to spend that time with your favorite game. You are welcome to use your own bidding methods. Regardless of the conventions you use, as always, the key to your success will be your bidding judgment. After you finish an auction, you will see a table with the possible contracts and the score for each contract (from 0 to 10). You will also see Marty’s suggested auction, and most importantly, his evaluation of the hands and recommendations on the best way to handle them. All your auctions and scores are saved and can be viewed later. When bidding with a partner, you should review the auction and objectively discuss it. You’ll be amazed as to how much this approach can improve your partnership. In fact, this is exactly what expert pairs do to improve their partnership. It is human nature to focus on your score and how well you did or didn’t do. Of course, for players who are interested in learning and improving, we strongly suggest that you always read the analysis and reflect as well. Good results are nice; but the bottom line is striving to be a better bidder. Whether originally bidding with or without a partner, it is recommended that you bid the hands again on your own months later. You will find that not only did you score better, but more importantly, you’ll feel a lot more confident in KNOWING how to proceed. The program does not need an internet connection. About Marty Bergen Marty is a U.S. bridge teacher/player/author. He is a ten-time national champion and ACBL Grand Life Master and World Bridge Federation World International Master. He retired from active competition in 1993 to concentrate on teaching and writing. He was recently voted to be the 22 most influential person in the history of bridge. Marty has been a columnist in the monthly ACBL Bridge Bulletin since 1976. He has also written 69 bridge books; two of which won the ABTA Bridge Book of the Year award. Points Schmoints!: Bergen's Winning Bridge Secrets in 1996 and Declarer Play the Bergen Way in 2005. Wins - North American Bridge Championships (10) - Pan-American Maccabi Games (1) - Cavendish Invitational Teams (1) - Cavendish Invitational Pairs (2) - Goldman Pairs (1) Second-place finishes - North American Bridge Championships (10) - United States Bridge Championships (1) - Cavendish Invitational Teams (1)